BAVARIA . Juni 2017

JUNE 20, 2017

Free state of Bavaria / Germany


Thanks to my music, I ve been travelling in a lot of places and countries those last years. And if that good feeling of « being like home » is everywhere, there’s one place where it specially makes sense.
In Bavaria, 4 years ago, I met a label, gutfeeling records, and a family ; Ernie, G.Rag, Hagen, Léonie, Marketa…
In june 2017, I stopped for a few days off.
After an 11 hours drive and some gigs in Kön, I had first 2 days in Rott am Inn, by Hagen and Leonie. They settled down here, in an old school house. Leonie is a great artist, I took here some pics of her work (a wired crushed clock on the wall). We spent those 2 days in the garden,building with Hagen a brand new terrasse ; it’s good to feel grounded !
Back to Munich on tuesday ! There, I had to meet the gutfeeling friends for an acoustic gig on the shore of the Isar. A wild river downtown, a bridge for the trains, two drums, horns and tuba, guitars ; they do it every year, and it’s getting bigger every year… So it goes ; americana, bavarian, carribean and no waves songs, young an old people dancing together all around… And while I am playing a few drums with, I got that words in my mind : « Bayern, Frei Staat », Bavaria, state of freedom, and I know my friends and all people around got that spirit deep in the ground and are working every day to keep it alive !

AUBRAC . FRANCE . Juin 2017

JUNE 10, 2017

Plateau de l’Aubrac / June 2017

It’s a hidden and secret place in France, a small piece of Ireland lost  and forgotten in the Massif Central… Large skies, unconstant weather, strange stones over the fileds. Some pilgrims pass through all the day, heading Santiago while Ernie is singing « I m just goin over Jordan, I m just going over home »…